Friday, 21 March 2014

My taonga

My taonga is a necklace. I got it when I was two. My taonga is six years old and says my name on it. My necklace has a boomerang shape on it. That is where my name is threaded. The necklace is very pretty because my name has diamonds in it. When I was two I was pulling on it and after a few minutes ‘ping’ it broke. Mum has locked it away until now. The chain is old and weak. That is why my necklace is so special.


  1. What a special taonga Jaunte. I am sure that will be very special for you to wear when you grow up.

  2. Jaunte
    I like what you wrote about your taonga and how special that it must be. It does sound expensive because of the diamonds. I like the fact that your Mum has looked after it for so long and locked it away. Are you going to get a new chain for it? Is it going to be something that you will look after it soon or will you have it locked away by your Mum for a while again?
    Mr Webb and Room One, Auroa Primary School.